About Us


Go Get Glitter is all about encouraging people to express themselves. By simply adding a bit of glitter to your makeup look you're adding personality. Our products can be used on everyone, and this is something as a brand we feel very strongly about. It doesn't matter what size or colour you are, glitter is for everyone. Our products can be used everywhere on the face and body encouraging people that there are no limits with what you can create. Everything is better with a little sparkle.

Our initial inspiration came from seeing hundreds of beauty brands selling makeup for everyday use, but very little products on the market that make you stand out. . This is what has inspired our identity as a brand.

Digging Deeper

We as a brand value each and every one of our customers for exactly who they are. We encourage people to use our products in whatever way they wish, with no judgement. This applies for people that cover themselves head to toe in glitter, and those that wish to use only a small amount around the eye. We think it's very important to add some fun and laughter into everyone's lives, and glitter does exactly this. We think it is important as a brand to promote body confidence, and support people in loving the skin their in. 

Our Mission

Our identity is glitter, but our mission is much bigger! We plan to bring new and innovative products to the market, all with a glitter twist! We will offer a wide range of colour cosmetics suitable for all occasions, and all types of people. We will express our creativity through product packaging, finding unique ways of presenting products, as well as high quality, pro inspired formulations.