Best Seller Bundle


Best Seller Bundle

 Keep it simple with the 4 bestselling glitter pigments. This set includes a range of holographic and iridescent ultra fine glitter pigments perfect for any makeup look. They are highly pigmented, and when applied they have a full and even coverage. They can also be used on top of any eyeshadow with a more dusted technique to add some sparkle. Use them individually or mix the colours up! Pigments can be used on the face, body, hair and nails.

Contents: Antarctica, Sand Dunes, Silver Lining, Sterling, Glitter fix

Directions: When applying it to the eyelids its best to use a flat brush and pat the glitter onto the desired area. Use our glitter fix for a full coverage pigmented application or alternatively spray your brush with a fixing spray and then dip it into the glitter and onto the eye. This will give you a lighter/ dusted coverage.